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Our publisher just informed us of a “Gold Seal for Literary Excellence” awarded to NF&F. I think this means they print a gold seal on the book cover now. It’s based on a review by U.S. Review of Books where they say it “is a great reference book for lovers of folk art, multi-media artists, crafters in general. It is a testament to the art of the Counter-Culture, and Hart does a great job introducing the reader to the primary thoughts, ideas, and attitudes of those times. Her writing style is light-hearted with a slight irony thrown in.”

     And a major article was published in 7×7 Magazine, September 2014 issue. In it they say “Fiber artist Alexandra Hart coined the term ‘funk and flash’ in 1974 when she wrote this book about artisans who were defining the aesthetic of a generation by finding their own creative—and often psychedelicized—route to inner peace. If there was ever any doubt about funk and flash’s historical relevance or longevity, the heartfelt designs and potent imaginations of the next generation should elicit healthy optimism.”

Stay tuned to discover what museum is planning an extensive exhibit of things from NF&F and many things you’ve never seen! Hint: it’s NOT in California!