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There’s so much to what was happening in the Counterculture years, it’s challenging to just jump in and see where the splash goes, but I hardly know what else to do. Let’s identify those years in the broadest terms, say 1963 to 1982, fifteen years more or less. That corresponds in my life to ages 24 to 39 and from the assassination of JFK to the installation of the Reagan years, beginning 1981. Read the REFLECTIONS posts and you’ll find I begin in 1958 with a bit of my history, moving in later posts to the derivation of the Sixties Counterculture and then more reflections.

Often I’ve been encouraged to write the story of my life, though I never felt inclined. Now the 60’s and 70’s are coming back into focus, I’m ready to reflect on what made those times so compelling. I’ll frame my posts through bits of my own history and what seemed to drive our collective attitudes and ideals — our ethos — in order to better understand this generation, our contributions and our failures.

Perhaps young folks who weren’t there will be sparked to consider how those experiences might impact this strange new world we occupy. We hippies and activists started a lot of social action: freedom movements; environmental, spiritual, and artistic movements; lifestyle choices — there’s a long list. Some of it stuck; some of it got sidetracked without being understood or given a good shot. Interact through the reply boxes and see if a conversation can begin!